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  • Exercise Reengineered

    Exercise Reengineered

    When you hear the word, “exercise,” what comes up for you? This is what used to come up for me: It’s a hassle. It’s too time-consuming. It will hurt. I won’t be good at it. 
It’ll just remind me that I’m not an athlete. I have to do it to make up for all the…

  • Before and After

    Before and After

    I just came back from a terrific bariatric support group meeting. A participant mentioned that a friend of hers posted a photo of herself, 100 lbs. heavier, on her fridge. She was curious about what we thought. Here’s what I thought. It all depends on why you’re posting the photo and what feelings that photo…

  • Losing Weight And Keeping It Off Is An Inside Job!

    Losing Weight And Keeping It Off Is An Inside Job!

    We’re an overweight nation because we eat more fuel than our bodies burn. So then, why are we eating beyond what we need? I believe one of the main reasons is that we’re so tuned-out from our bodies and its signals that many of us don’t recognize what “full” is and some of us eat…

  • Lessons From My One-Year Old Niece

    Lessons From My One-Year Old Niece

    There we were, family gathered to celebrate the first birthday of my beloved niece, Tatum. I’m fascinated with this gorgeous little girl and can’t help but wonder what’s going on in that beautiful little head of hers. With that same sense of wonderment, I noticed everything about her. What she looked at, the noises she…

  • Fire Willpower. Hire “Skill Power.”

    So many people think that if they just had more willpower, that they would lose weight permanently. So let’s explore, what is willpower and is that really true? Webster defines willpower as: the ability to control oneself and determine one’s actions. The big takeaway here is that willpower is all about our actions. A lot…

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