I’m a “Physical Change Agent” - Certified Weight and Life Coach
who works with smart, motivated individuals who want to lose weight for good
Get Your Life, Upgraded!


I’m a “Physical Change Agent” and I work as a Certified Weight and Life Coach globally via phone and in person with smart, successful and motivated individuals who want to lose weight with bariatric surgery or more traditional approaches.

Either way, I’m there as your coach, providing you with “causal coaching” which is to say that I help you got to the cause of why you got overweight in the first place and provide you with the proven tools to lose weight and make it permanent. Forever. Done! Can you imagine that?

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To book Maureen as a speaker at your event, please email maureen@osullivancoaching.com

Maureen was born in the spotlight, is a verified extrovert and in various capacities, has spoken to crowds large and small in an effort to share and help others. Maureen speaks about topics related to health, weight, self-image, weight loss surgery, self-care, body image, emotional eating and other opportunities and transitional issues tied with gaining and losing significant amounts of weight.

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You’ve asked and I’ve listened.

Introducing Get Started Coaching Packages! Enroll in 4 laser-focused coaching sessions tied to what you need most now and ignite your LifeUpgraded!

Or get a Customized Stress Management Package with one power-packed session and your individual prescription to help you to manage stress outside of your refrigerator! Includes bonus Myers-Briggs assessment, filled with insights to improve your work and personal life!

Limited availability.

Let’s say YES to you and make it finally happen!

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