I’m a “Physical Change Agent” and I work as a Certified Weight and Life Coach globally via phone and in person with smart, successful and motivated individuals who want to lose weight with bariatric surgery or more traditional approaches.

Either way, I’m there as your coach, providing you with “causal coaching” which is to say that I help you got to the cause of why you got overweight in the first place and provide you with the proven tools to lose weight and make it permanent. Forever. Done! Can you imagine that?

With the bariatric community, I specialize in helping those with my signature program, “Life Upgraded” – a phased approach from pre-op to post-op and beyond. We address not only how to make your weight loss permanent, but how to deal with and thrive during transitional issues and opportunities associated with rapid and significant weight loss. This process can seem like a roller coaster but coaching can help make this transformational process faster and a whole heck of a lot easier. Surgery re-engineers your body. Coaching re-engineers your mind so you can upgrade your life!

In working with overweight individuals who want to lose weight without surgery, I provide a unique and proven program designed to help you permanently achieve your natural weight, “The Anti-Diet, Pro-Love, 8 Week Blueprint to Permanent Weight Loss” and it works! No suffering. No deprivation. This is unlike any diet you’ve ever tried because we go to the root of the problem. The work here is not on counting carbs or points. God knows, you’ve done enough of that for several lifetimes. The work here is in your mind. When you change the way you think, you change what you do and you get the results you want.  When you change the way you see yourself, treat yourself and honor your hunger, you will lose weight permanently. End of story.

My mission is to empower individuals of all sizes to end needless suffering, reach and maintain their natural weight permanently and to start living the lives they were meant to live!


I do this because my weight has been my biggest struggle and now I see it as my greatest gift. I used to fight diets and make foods bad or good. I’ve cried in dressing rooms. I’ve been laughed at by boys. I’ve missed out on jobs and have endured cruel comments and judgmental glares upon eating anything! I’ve lived it to give it and if I can be a force for good in the world through the eyes of all who have and continue to struggle with their weight, to empower lasting change and teach self care and happiness, then my life will have had great meaning.


In addition to proven tools, techniques and strategies, my philosophy is centered around the fact that the life you live today is a direct result of your very own thinking. Sounds simple, I know, but it’s deep and efficient work to hone in on the beliefs that ultimately define our lives as opposed to ignoring the beliefs and focusing on the corresponding results. This is called “Causal coaching.”  I empower clients to focus on the source of their pain vs the consequences and that’s the path to lasting change. It’s my job to guide you like a laser to the cause to help clear the way to see and achieve the life you were meant to live.


I graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Psychology / Human Development, moved to the Silicon Valley and then learned about life via a successful, corporate, executive, all-encompassing marketing and advertising career spanning 21 years. I loved that, until one day, I didn’t and I realized that I had depleting myself of every ounce of energy I had and had no interest in continuing. I realized that my passion for helping others would clearly be best met by a career in life coaching. And the greatest part is that I would discover that I was so right!

I then had the opportunity to train with some of the world’s best. I studied and worked one-on-one with icons such as Martha Beck (Dr. Martha Beck, PhD, Life Coach to O Magazine, and author of several best-selling books), with the renowned Master Coach Brooke Castillo (author of “If I’m so Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight,”  “It was Always Meant to Happen This Way,” and “Self-Coaching 101) as well as well-known entrepreneurial and executive Master Coaches Michele Woodward (author of “Lose Weight, Find Love, Declutter and Save Money”) and Pamela Slim (author of the widely acclaimed, “Escape from Cubicle Nation”). I’m a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner and a long-time member of the International Coach Federation.

Nothing lights me up more than to apply this rich educational foundation combined with 21+ years of professional and life experience for the greater good of my clients. It’s a rush!

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You can also reach me at maureen [at] osullivancoaching [dot] com, and alternatively, feel free to give me a call at 888.525.2211.

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