I’ve lost weight, but I still fight food.

2015 is just around the corner and it’s time to make some big changes for the better! If you’ve struggled with your weight and have yo-yo’d for most of your adult life, this program is for you!

Introducing The Anti-Diet, Pro-Love, 8 Week Jumpstart to Permanent Weight Loss!

This popular program is eight weeks in length and provides all the coaching, tools and strategies to end the struggle with food, with yourself and to lose weight permanently.

  • Discover your blueprint to permanent weight loss, without deprivation and with more joy.
  • Dump the shame from the past, the “diet mentality,” self-sabotage and start with a new mindset and approach to losing weight.
  • End the war with yourself, the constant struggle and feel freedom and ease around food.
  • Understand why you’re eating when you’re not hungry and how to change that.
  • Manage stress and any emotion outside of food. Become empowered to help yourself.
  • Tune into your body as the most accurate hunger barometer – and trust it!
  • Ditch and redefine old beliefs about you and weight that are holding you back.
  • See eating as a nourishing experience and not a contact sport or something to fill the time.
  • Create your reality and be happier just by changing how you think.
  • See exercise in a whole new and exciting way.
  • Embrace self-care, reduce stress, deepen relationships and upgrade your life.
  • Make 2013 a happier, saner, more grounded and lighter you!

Program Details:

  • Eight, one-on-one (50) minute, private, confidential coaching sessions, conveniently via phone
  • MP3 session recordings exclusively for you to review between appointments
  • Customized homework designed to reinforce transformative concepts
  • V.I.P. daily access to me via email coaching Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm PST with 24-hour turnaround or less (usually less!)
  • Journal prompts specifically for you, to nail what’s in your way

Learn More:

Connect with me to learn more with a free 30 minute discovery session. Please visit this link:

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You can also reach me at maureen [at] osullivancoaching [dot] com, and alternatively, feel free to give me a call at 888.525.2211.

Make 2015 the Year of the New and Improved You! Let’s Get This Party Started!


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