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Upgrade your efforts with one-on-one phone coaching.

* Need a leg up?
* Want encouragement and accountability?
* Want all your FitFrnd work to really pay off?
* Want tools to make it happen for real this time?

Then end the madness and experience how coaching can empower you to get out of your own way and finally lose the weight, so you can start living the beautiful life you’re meant to live!

I’m a “Physical Change Agent” and I work as a Certified Weight and Life Coach globally via phone with smart, successful and motivated individuals who want to lose weight forever.




It’s time to nail the cause of why you’re overeating vs. focusing on the symptoms of overeating with another crummy diet! Diets just treat symptoms so it’s no wonder they never work.

Until you uncover the cause of why you overeat, you will likely always be dependent on massive willpower, try diet after diet, and struggle with yourself and weight. The cause of overeating is always in your mind, not your stomach.

Imagine banishing emotional and stress eating. Imagine actually liking exercise – for real! Imagine being at peace with yourself, comfortable in your body and “normal” around food. Believe me, it’s not what you’re eating. It’s what’s eating you. This is about losing weight from the inside out.

I get it!

I struggled for a life time with every diet known to man. At my highest, I weighed 300 lbs. I’m 5’11” and I used to joke that I’m just not tall enough. But it wasn’t so funny inside.

This is me before… And this is me after

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Napa day trip










I was able to lose and keep off 120 lbs. all because I figured out why I was eating when I wasn’t hungry and implemented the tools and strategies that I now teach in my programs. That was 13 years ago. I know for certain, that this approach works.

I can help.

Lose it for Good!

I empower individuals of all sizes to end needless suffering, reach and maintain their natural weight permanently and to start living the lives they were meant to live!

Choose 1 of 2 powerful, proven programs to lose it for good!

PRO: The Anti-Diet, Pro-Love, 8 – Session Jumpstart to Permanent Weight Loss!
All the bells and whistles.
My premium and proven program. Power-packed with tools and strategies to empower you to make it happen, once and for all. (Most comprehensive. Highest results.)


INTRO: Body Upgraded! Introductory 4 – Session Coaching Package.
The nuts and bolts.
Dip your toe in the water. Begin to learn the concepts and basic tools for permanent weight loss. (Best value.)

All the Fun Details…



All the bells and whistles! A unique and proven premier program designed to help you permanently achieve your natural weight, and it works! No suffering. No deprivation. This is unlike any diet you’ve ever tried because we go to the root of the problem. The work here is not on counting carbs or points. God knows, you’ve done enough of that for several lifetimes. The work here is in your mind. When you change the way you think, you change what you do and you get the results you want. When you change the way you see yourself, treat yourself and honor your hunger, you will lose weight permanently. End of story.

I’m there as your coach, providing you with individually customized “causal coaching” which is to say that I help you got to the cause of why you got overweight in the first place and provide you with the proven tools to lose weight and make it permanent. Forever. Done! Can you imagine that?

Program Components:

  • Discover your blueprint to permanent weight loss, without deprivation and with more joy.
  • Dump the shame from the past, the “diet mentality,” self-sabotage and start with a new mindset and approach to losing weight.
  • End the war with yourself, the constant struggle and feel freedom and ease around food.
  • Understand why you’re eating when you’re not hungry and how to change that.
  • Manage stress and any emotion outside of food. Become empowered to help yourself.
  • Tune into your body as the most accurate hunger barometer – and trust it!
  • Ditch and redefine old beliefs about you and weight that are holding you back.
  • See eating as a nourishing experience and not a contact sport or something to fill the time.
  • Create your reality and be happier just by changing how you think.
  • See exercise in a whole new and exciting way.
  • Embrace self-care, reduce stress, deepen relationships and upgrade your life.
  • Become a happier, saner, more grounded and lighter you!

Program Details:

  • Eight, one-on-one (50) minute, private, confidential coaching sessions, conveniently via phone
  • MP3 session recordings exclusively for you to review between appointments (optional)
  • Customized homework designed to reinforce transformative concepts
  • V.I.P. daily access to me via email coaching Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm PST with 24-hour turnaround or less (usually less!)

Pricing and Offer Availability:

  • Total program value: $2,100
  • Investment in Anti-Diet, Pro-Love, Jumpstart to Permanent Weight Loss Program for FitFrnd members and friends only | $1,200 – FitFrnd special pricing available through November 1st!
  • PayPal and major credit cards accepted
  • 2-Installment payments available (1st due prior to first session. 2nd due 4 weeks later)
  • Limited availability; first come, first served

Ready to grab your PRO spot and get started?

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Maureen is an incredibly gifted coach. Not only is she warm, kind and compassionate but she also possesses the keen ability to focus in on the root cause of your pain. Maureen is able to quickly and adeptly identify what you are truly hungry for rather than focus on “quick fix” solutions. Maureen’s gentle approach will empower and inspire you to help you become the highest vision you see for yourself even if you don’ know what that is. If you want long-lasting results and are genuinely interested in ditching the diet, Maureen is, without a doubt one, of the best coaches out there. ~Jackie Gartman

Jackie Gartman


The nuts and bolts! A great start to learning what it takes to lose weight permanently. Coaching can help and now’s your chance to dip your toe in the water with 4 power-packed, individual, laser-focused sessions designed to get you on the runway to a new you!

In Just 4 Sessions, Learn:

  • Why diets fail and how you can lose weight without one.
  • How to dump the shame and clear your mindset for a new you.
  • How to recognize and deal with emotional hunger vs. physical hunger.
  • Introductory eating tools designed to improve your day-to-day results.
  • Strategies to become more aware of how you eat and tools to start making better choices.

Program Details:

  • Four (50) minute, private coaching sessions, conveniently via phone
  • Customized homework designed to reinforce transformative concepts
  • My committed and unwavering dedication to your smashing success

Pricing & Offer Availability:

  • Introductory Pricing: $500 (via PayPal, Major Credit Card) – FitFrnd special pricing available through November 1st!
  • Limited availability, first come, first served

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A Few More Words…

Maureen helped me to lose 15 lbs. prior to my wedding. That was 3 years ago, and I’m so excited to say that I’ve kept it off all of this time. Maureen is my secret weapon in losing weight for good! Oh, and she has a killer sense of humor, which makes it all the more enjoyable! ~ K. Blake, Atlanta, Georgia

I found Maureen as a solution for weight loss and after having worked with her, I’m convinced that her way is the only way to lose weight forever. Not only did I lose weight, but she helped me to entirely change my perspective. I’ll admit, it took me a while to implement the tools as I didn’t always do my homework. (Thanks Maureen for being so understanding and kind!) But it is very true that they work. The more I practiced, the more I was able to see myself and food in a whole new way, while losing weight! Her patience and guidance make her a saint. Sometimes I would start our calls completely stressed out, mad at myself etc. And every single time, after our call, I felt so much better and motivated to have a great week. I learned more with Maureen in our time together than I did with a lifetime of diets and I use what I learned with her every single day! She’s the best and I’d recommend her to anyone who’d like finally reach and keep their ideal weight. ~ P. Schaeffer, Chef, Toronto, Canada

Don’t wait for another lousy diet. You’re already tracking your food and exercise on FitFrnd. Upgrade your experience with focused and personalized coaching so you can create the healthy, fit, peaceful life you’ve always wanted!

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If you want to start but aren’t sure which program is best for you, connect with me to learn more. I’m committed to providing a program that meets your needs. Please visit this link:

Schedule Session

You can also reach me at maureen [at] osullivancoaching [dot] com, and alternatively, feel free to give me a call at 888.525.2211.

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