Is this you?

Is This You?

I provide several proven and powerful programs designed to help you lose weight and feel wonderful permanently no matter your approach or where you are in the weight management process.

I have some weight to lose and my weight has yo-yo’d forever. Managing my weight is the one thing that I can’t seem to master.

Even though I am thin, I still struggle with food and live in fear of gaining an ounce. I want to end the war with food and with myself. It’s exhausting. I’d like to spend all the time I spend thinking about food, living my life!

I’ve been on every diet known to man and I’m having or have had weight loss surgery. I want to do want it takes to make sure I don’t gain the weight back after going through such a procedure.



My programs get at why you’re eating in the first place so you can address the cause of overeating. They both address emotional eating, self image, self care, exercise as a positive in your life, the power of your thinking to create your best outcomes, tuning into your body, honoring it and giving it what it needs, creating more joy outside of food, creating boundaries with others if needed as your transformation becomes obvious and setting goals and dreams for your new and improved, beautiful future!

And I am there, every step of the way, coaching you as you you learn more and do more and feel better and lose weight. When I coach with you, I’m your team!

The approach works. It’s unlike any diet you’ve ever tried before. In fact, we don’t even use the word, “diet!” I consider it a 4-letter word! And after all, how well have diets worked so far? I’ve been on countless diets. It’s a hamster wheel, it’s never fun and I have yet to find one that’s successful long-term with many. This is about peace. This is about loving and caring for yourself vs. trying to beat yourself thin. I invite you to learn more. You will not regret it! I promise.

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You can also reach me at maureen [at] osullivancoaching [dot] com, and alternatively, feel free to give me a call at 888.525.2211.