Permanent Weight Loss WITHOUT Surgery

It’s 2013 and it’s time to make some big changes for the better! If you’ve struggled with your weight and have yo-yo’d  for most of your adult life, this program is for you!

The Anti-Diet, Pro-Love, 8 Week Jumpstart to Permanent Weight Loss!

  • Discover your blueprint to permanent weight loss, without deprivation and with more joy.
  • Dump the shame from the past, the “diet mentality,” self-sabotage and start with a new mindset and approach to losing weight.
  • End the war with yourself, the constant struggle and feel freedom and ease around food.
  • Understand why you’re eating when you’re not hungry and how to change that.
  • Manage stress and any emotion outside of food. Become empowered to help yourself.
  • Tune into your body as the most accurate hunger barometer – and trust it!
  • Ditch and redefine old beliefs about you and weight that are holding you back.
  • See eating as a nourishing experience and not a contact sport or something to fill the time.
  • Create your reality and be happier just by changing how you think.
  • See exercise in a whole new and exciting way.
  • Embrace self-care, reduce stress, deepen relationships and upgrade your life.
  • Make 2013 a happier, saner, more grounded and lighter you!

Program Details:

  • Eight, one-on-one (50) minute, private, confidential coaching sessions, conveniently via phone
  • MP3 session recordings exclusively for you to review between appointments
  • Customized homework designed to reinforce transformative concepts
  • V.I.P. daily access to me via email coaching Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm PST with 24-hour turnaround or less (usually less!)
  • Journal prompts specifically for you, to nail what’s in your way

Learn More:

Connect with me to learn more with a free 30 minute discovery session. Please visit this link:

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You can also reach me at maureen [at] osullivancoaching [dot] com, and alternatively, feel free to give me a call at 888.525.2211.

Make 2013 the Year of the New and Improved You!  Let’s Get This Party Started!