I’ve had or am going to have weight loss surgery

Welcome to “Weight Loss Surgery Upgraded!” 

This proven program is comprised of four modules and is customizable whether your pre- or post-op. Learn how to keep that weight off forever, address emotional hunger, manage stress without food, navigate relationships, plan your beautiful future and manage and embrace a whole host of changes as you transition into your wonderful new life!  My 12-month signature program for ensuring your bariatric success story while gently transforming into a new and improved, healthier and happier you.

Life Upgraded is a comprehensive phased program for bariatric patients designed to help navigate every step of the way, the huge life transformation, that comes with surgery and make it even more successful, permanent and a whole heck of a lot easier.

It compliments the surgery in that it provides tools, strategies and coaching designed for the most common challenges associated with each phase of the journey, pre, during and post. This unique program helps to ensure healthy prep prior, a smooth landing after, permanent weight loss and a doorway to a better life. The phases are also sequentially designed so even if you’ve already had the surgery, you can start it at any time.

Phase 1: We start by stacking the deck for success by clearing the slate, planning your future and getting you mentally primed before you take the surgical leap.

Phase 2: Right after surgery, we ensure a smooth landing. We re-plant our feet and learn how not to gain the weight back, how to eat, how to make plateaus and slip-ups actually work for you and how to love exercise.

Phase 3: As people start to notice your stunning weight loss, it’s all about your new debut. Here we learn how to manage the emotions, relationship dynamics and changes in body image that come with the territory.

Phase 4: And lastly, as you’ve conquered weight as an issue, we get to hone in on your new reality, check in on those dreams and determine what’s next. As a bonus, we also get to focus on developing your personal brand, on make-overs and how to get cosmetic surgery information for any refinements you’d like to make for your fabulous self.

You’re upgrading your body. Now’s the time to upgrade your life!

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