To book Maureen as a speaker at your event, please email maureen@osullivancoaching.com

Maureen was born in the spotlight, is a verified extrovert and in various capacities, has spoken to crowds large and small in an effort to share and help others. Maureen speaks about topics related to health, weight, self-image, weight loss surgery, self-care, body image, emotional eating and other opportunities and transitional issues tied with gaining and losing significant amounts of weight.

Her motto, “Life Upgraded” encompasses the whole self, from the inside out. From the “inside,” she speaks about how to build confidence, about how our thoughts control our experiences, how to manage stress, how to discover who you really are, uncover dreams and make pursuing them reality. At the same time, she also has fun with the “outside” and has an inherent knack for image consulting.

Maureen can always customize a program given your needs. Here are just a few of her latest offerings that can be translated into presentations, seminars, workshops and brown bag lunches:

A Critical Key to Weight Management Success
Many believe that once they lose the weight, that they will then accept and love themselves. Until then, they beat themselves up, make food “good” and “bad,” tune out from their bodies and emotions, obsess over eating and food and judge themselves based on their degree of will power.

A critical component to weight management success is to understand that this formula is backwards. Once you learn to love yourself first and tune into and trust your body, you will be more motivated to make healthy choices, to practice self-care, to exercise because it’s a gift to your body, to be patient and accepting with yourself and as a consequence, maintaining and/or losing weight is a much more natural outcome. Participants will learn of these concepts via content comprised of stories, worksheets and group interaction.

Coach Yourself and Thrive
Byron Katie often says that “suffering is optional.” We have a lot more power to control our daily experience than many of us know.

As our bodies blossom, we can find ourselves dealing with unexpected and sometimes unpleasant feelings. The good news is that there are practical and simple tools we can employ to re-engineer how we feel.

When we want to feel better, we need to first become aware of the thoughts that are causing us to feel bad. Then we can actively choose believable, better feeling thoughts to create better feelings. When we’re feeling good, we reinforce those feelings with positive actions and invariably live with better outcomes daily. When faced with a circumstance, we create thoughts about that circumstance which lead to our feelings which drive to take actions based on those feelings and produce a result.

We live the life we believe and there are practical tools to challenge our belief systems and to recreate stories that serve us, that create gratitude and that bring us more joy. The content of this session will reinforce these concepts with stories, worksheets and group interaction.  Participants will learn of these concepts via content comprised of stories, worksheets and group interaction.

Connect with the Real You, Shine and Take on The World
Elizabeth Lesser in her book, “Broken Open” describes our soul as a light, as something we are born with and that as we go through life, this light, which is in the lantern of who we are and is always with us, gets covered with layers of soot and conditioning. Living a lifetime of obesity with all of the associated pain, ridicule and suffering in many ways, is the soot that has dulled the natural beautiful light that we were born with and has always been inside.

We can think of the bariatric surgery as a bottle of Windex, allowing us to clean that lantern and shine brilliantly and live the lives we’ve always wanted to live. Now is the time to reconnect with ourselves, get clear on our strengths, values and priorities and take on the world. And there are tools and techniques that can help us get in touch with ourselves again and help us prioritize and march forward with confidence and pride. Participants will learn of these concepts via content comprised of stories, worksheets and group interaction.