Stress Management Outside Your Fridge


NEW: Customized Ditch Stress 75 Minute Session!

Get a Customized Stress Management Package with one power-packed session and your individual prescription to help you to manage stress outside of your refrigerator! Includes bonus Myers-Briggs assessment, filled with insights to improve your work and personal life! Promotional pricing this week only (through Feb. 7th).


In Just 1 Session, Learn:

  • How to recognize and minimize your most significant stressors
  • Your natural and stressed personality characteristics
  • How your personality is tempted to cope with stress
  • How to handle stressful reactions
  • How others can help minimize your stress
  • What you bring to life’s party and how that’s unique
  • What makes you and others tick
  • How to improve relationships
  • Blind spots and opportunities for growth
  • Why some activities drain or energize you
  • How to amp up your communication skills
  • Peace of mind in knowing that you’re not alone

Whoa! That’s a lot! This is a great deal! 😉

Program Details:

  • One (75) minute, private coaching session, conveniently via phone
  • Your specific Stress Management Prescription based on your individual Myers-Briggs type
  • A full Myers-Briggs assessment report, inclusive of preferences, blind spots, and tools for living a better personal and professional life
  • Customized support documents highlighting your results with further detailed information
  • My committed and unwavering dedication to your smashing successful experience

Pricing & Offer Availability:

  • Entire package valued at $430
  • Now through Feb 7th, save 70% and pay only $127! (via PayPal, Major Credit Card)
  • Limited availability, first come, first served

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A Few Words…



Working with Maureen always makes me feel “heard.” Her amazingly targeted and gently provoking questions, her ability to pinpoint the most important aspects of an issue, and great sense of humor make working with her a pleasure. She is whip smart and can pick up any nuance in what I am saying and she has a detailed memory for past conversations and can weave those ideas into a bigger picture beyond the issue at hand. I really appreciate and value my time with Maureen. She is an outstanding coach.

~Lisa Spencer, Health and Weight Loss Coach,




Working with Maureen blew me away and opened up my perception about what actually is true in ways I didn’t even think were possible regarding the issue I was facing!  I learned though tools and her coaching how to recognize if I’m engaging in negative and stressful thinking and more importantly, what to do about it!  I am forever grateful and feel so free and empowered!   Thank you, thank you so much for your generous spirit.  Maureen is a gem to the world.  I certainly will be emailing her to get coached again if I feel stuck and can’t climb out.


~Kimberly Dawn,


Questions? Reach me at maureen [at] osullivancoaching [dot] com, and alternatively, feel free to give me a call at 888.525.2211.

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