Success Stories

Success Stories

LisaSpencerWorking with Maureen always makes me feel “heard.” Her amazingly targeted and gently provoking questions, her ability to pinpoint the most important aspects of an issue, and great sense of humor make working with her a pleasure.  She is whip smart and can pick up any nuance in what I am saying and she has a detailed memory for past conversations and can weave those ideas into a bigger picture beyond the issue at hand.  I really appreciate and value my time with Maureen.  She is an outstanding coach.

~Lisa Spencer, Health and Weight Loss Coach,







Working with Maureen blew me away and opened up my perception about what actually is true in ways I didn’t even think were possible regarding the issue I was facing!  OMG, she helped me see that “change” equals getting closer to my people and having the business that really works for me.  Before, “change” meant feeling like I could never make things work.  Wow! Now I totally believe my new belief and I don’t even know how she did that.  Maureen worked such awesome magic on me!  I learned though and now know I am onto myself and will recognize if I am avoiding a negative thought that is bogging me down.  I am forever grateful and feel so free and empowered!   Thank you, thank you so much for your generous spirit.  Maureen is a gem to the world.  I certainly will be emailing her to get coached again if I feel stuck and can’t climb out.


~Kimberly Dawn,





Maureen helped me lose 45 pounds and I have to say, I learned to love myself as an added, unexpected benefit! I’ve always wanted to lose weight and yes, I did that with Maureen but her coaching surprised me in that I learned how to be happier as a person as well. I learned how to manage my emotions and take responsibility for my feelings. When I run into challenging situations, I can now use the tools she taught me instead of turning to food! I think this is why maintaining my weight has been easy for the first time. I am so grateful to Maureen. She’s an amazing coach. Weight brought me to her and I was able to address it in a way like never before and she also completely showed me how to improve just every aspect of my life as an unexpected benefit. If you want to lose weight, keep it off and even improve your entire life, she’s your gal! ~Karen J, Attorney, Beverly Hills, CA


I’m so glad I had an opportunity to work with Maureen. It was definitely a win win situation! Maureen and I did many great assessments and I learned so many easy and practical tools that helped to change my thinking for the better. I’m much easier on myself now that I’ve become a ‘compassionate observer’ of my life. Maureen is a great listener and gives invaluable feedback. I truly enjoyed my weekly interactions with her, it was like getting to chat with your best and most understanding friend.


She gave me the tools that helped me to understand that I was on the right path, the continuous guidance and reassurance that I was using them correctly and she kept reminding me of the positive! I am much happier with my choices now that I’ve sifted through all the extra junk in my head and gotten to the heart of things in my life. I would recommend Maureen for anyone struggling with weight, career, general life issues or anyone trying to find peace with their decisions or learn more about themselves.

She always made me feel so comfortable. I’m so glad she chose to take the leap and follow her heart into coaching, so inspirational!

~Sabina Smith, passionate and insightful designer and mom to some pretty awesome twins

Wow! Maureen’s got it going on! I lost 120 lbs after having gastric sleeve surgery. I met her at a support group in San Francisco. The timing was perfect because my weight was starting to creep back, I was beginning to panic and was starting to embrace some extreme and unhealthy habits from the past. In her presentation (which was amazing by the way), she said that you can re-engineer your body but if you don’t re-engineer your mind, you’ll likely gain the weight back. Something clicked for me and I decided to work with her because it was unlike any “diet” I’d heard before. In fact it really wasn’t a diet. In a nutshell, she taught me how to see and live my life through completely different lenses. She taught me the power of the mind and how we can actually change how we think and have completely different outcomes. I’m a fan of therapy but when it comes to this, I got more accomplished with Maureen in 6 months than I did in 6 years of therapy!  I’m happy to report that I lost weight and gained a much richer life. ~ T. Campbell, Atherton, CA

Maureen is an incredibly gifted coach. Not only is she warm, kind and compassionate but she also possesses the keen ability to focus in on the root cause of your pain. Maureen is able to quickly and adeptly identify what you are truly hungry for rather than focus on “quick fix” solutions. Maureen’s gentle approach will empower and inspire you to help you become the highest vision you see for yourself even if you don’ know what that is. If you want long-lasting results and are genuinely interested in ditching the diet, Maureen is, without a doubt one, of the best coaches out there. ~Jackie GartmanJackie Gartman


I originally went to Maureen to help relieve the anxiety and struggle I continued to have over food and my weight even though I’d kept off 25 pounds. I lived in fear of gaining a pound back and constantly worried what people would think if they saw me get fat. Ugh. Maureen not only helped me to see myself and food in a completely healthy way – for once – but as an added benefit, she helped me discover my next career! Who knew that she’s also a certified career coach! I wanted to pursue dreams now that I was thin and I was sick of my job but didn’t know where to head.  Her coaching was so thorough and methodical. She empowered me to work too yet never chastised me for not doing my homework! (Thanks Maureen!) I did a 180 and love my job thanks to her patience, empathy, guidance and super smarts! ~P. Williams, Palo Alto, CA



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