Work Upgraded! Intro: Time to Love Your Job

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Most of us jump from job to job, hoping that we’ll land in an environment that will make us happy. We hope that we’ll run into managers who’ll share our values. We hope that we’ll have the chance to leverage skills that we are not only good at, but that we also enjoy. We hope that the circumstances of our job – the commute, the pay, the pressure – will all align and fit perfectly with all other aspects of our lives. But this is risky. Hope is not a strategy.

“Work Upgraded!” is an intentional and pragmatic proven program designed completely around you. This “you-centric” approach from the very start is critical to paving a path designed to best honor and meet your needs.

There are 4 distinct phases to the comprehensive “Work Upgraded!” program: 1) Discovery, 2) Getting Clear, 3) Testing and Trying and 4) Action

Intro to Work Upgraded! Focuses on You, Phase 1 ~ DISCOVERY. In Just 4 Sessions, Begin to:

  • Learn what you’re great at doing.
  • Uncover your true values.
  • Recognize what you need more of and less of when it comes to work.
  • Reveal what gives you meaning and purpose.
  • Start to a framework for your legacy.

Program Details:

  • Four (50) minute, private coaching sessions, conveniently via phone
  • Customized homework designed to reinforce transformative concepts
  • My committed and unwavering dedication to your smashing success

Pricing & Offer Availability:

  • Introductory Pricing: $500 (via PayPal, Major Credit Card)
  • Can be made in (2) installments
  • Limited availability, first come, first served

Now’s the Time to Make Work, Work!

  • If you’re ready to end the corporate madness of going from job to job while losing sight of your dreams
  • If you feel that if you don’t get intentional,  you won’t get the most out of life or be able to be the best you can be
  • If you find yourself singing lyrics like the Talking Heads, “This is not my beautiful house! How did I get here?” and Peggy Lee’s, “Is That All There Is?
  • And if you’re prepared to show up and invest time and energy to make work, something you love

Let’s Get This Party Started!

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A Few Words…



Working with Maureen blew me away and opened up my perception of what actually is true in ways I didn’t even think were possible! She helped me see that “change” meant getting closer to my people and having a business that really works for me. Before, “change” meant feeling like I could never make things work. Now I totally believe my new belief and I don’t even know how she did that! Maureen’s work with me was nothing short of awesome! I am forever grateful and feel so free and empowered. Thank you, thank you so much for your generous spirit. Maureen is a gem to the world. I certainly will be emailing her to get coached again if I feel stuck and can’t climb out.


~Kimberly Dawn,


I originally went to Maureen to help relieve the anxiety and struggle I continued to have over food and my weight even though I’d kept off 25 pounds. I lived in fear of gaining a pound back and constantly worried what people would think if they saw me get fat. Ugh. Maureen not only helped me to see myself and food in a completely healthy way – for once – but as an added benefit, she helped me discover my next career! Who knew that she’s also a certified career coach! With my food and anxiety issues managed, I was able to open up about my job which was driving me absolutely nuts. Her coaching was so thorough and methodical. She empowered me to work too yet never chastised me for not doing my homework! (Thanks Maureen!) I did a 180 and love my job thanks to her patience, empathy, guidance and super smarts!

~P. Williams, Palo Alto, CA


Questions? Reach me at maureen [at] osullivancoaching [dot] com, and alternatively, feel free to give me a call at 888.525.2211.


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